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Tooling technologies offer cycle reductions, parts improvements

January 1, 2008

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Tooling technologies offer cycle reductions, parts improvements

Alexander Noskov (Kiefel Russia) and Erwin Altendorfer (Mould & Matic) shake on their firms’ new agreement.Marbach’s Hubert Kittelmann stands with a demonstration unit for his firm’s ’air technology’.

Last October’s K show in Düsseldorf, Germany was the launch pad for a number of new technologies likely soon to have an impact on thermoforming processors’ operations. At thermoform moldmaker Marbach (Heilbronn, Germany; www.marbach.com), Hubert Kittelmann, sales and marketing manager, said visitors to the firm’s stand were very positive on its newest developments.

These included the firm’s ’air technology’ that can help processors save up to 80% of required air pressure, “and more important can help reduce cycle times by 10-20%,” he said. Such air savings have been realized for some time on circular tools, he admits, but said Marbach’s is the first able to generate these savings on harder-to-seal rectangular tools, too.

Marbach, working with European rigid packaging processor RPC, also has developed the means to also trim a cup in the tool in a 3rd dimension, to now only possible via laser, which is slower and more costly, he noted. Now this trimming can be done in a thermoforming tool, so it is faster and less costly. He reckons the development will open up new markets to thermoformers who use the technology to, for instance, develop new means of tamper evidence or use it to develop more options for multi-chambered packaging.

Marbach’s final novelty at the show was its TabFlex, which Kittelmann said could form “invisible notches” on a package’s sides or lids, and guarantees these notches always are on the same point on a package/lid and also are always the same size.

Also at the K show, competing thermoforming tool and parts handling machinery manufacturer Mould & Matic Solutions (Micheldorf, Austria; www.mouldandmatic.com) announced it will be represented in Russia, Belarus, Poland and the Ukraine exclusively by Kiefel Russia / Kiefel Handels GmbH.

Kiefel Russia is a 100% subsidiary of German thermoforming machine manufacturer Kiefel GmbH (Freilassing).

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