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April 1, 2000

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Top-Entry Robot Is Designed For Medium Tonnage Machines

Top-Entry Robot Is Designed ForMedium Tonnage Machines

groupimage12.jpgThe TE-7 robot from Husky is a top-entry robot for injection molding machines in the 250 to 550-ton range. Husky says the unit is capable of a 6-sec dry cycle, with an 'in/out' time of 0.5 sec under a payload of 15.4 lb.

The TE-7 has digital ac drives on the three main axes and a locking wrist to maintain end-of-arm tool position while in the mold. The X axis has an 800 mm stroke, the Y axis a 1400 mm stroke and the Z axis a 2500 or 3000 mm stroke.

Other features include two end-of-arm tool vacuum circuits with built-in vacuum sensors and blowoff, four end-of-arm tool air circuits with mating connector, end-of-arm tool electrical interface (three inputs, one output at 24 v dc), and an interface for the perimeter guard and E-stop.

The robot is said to offer the convenience of centralized control when installed on the manufacturer's G-Series injection molding machines by sharing the machine's Human Machine Interface.

For other machine makes, the robot is controlled by a teach pendant. Either way, robot programming is said to be made easy by selecting from a set of pre-defined sequences to suit the application. Pricing is said to be competitive.

Husky Injection MoldingSystems Ltd.
Bolton, Ontario Canada 

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