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January 1, 2004

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Toploader robot for small-to-medium machine-tending jobs

PF_Fanuc_M16iB20T-Multi.gifThe M-16iB/20T Toploader six-axis, articulated gantry robot can accommodate up to a 20-kg payload. The Toploader series of robots reduces floor space and ceiling height requirements, and performs value-added post-processing operations such as degating, deflashing, labeling, quality assurance, packaging, and palletizing.The M-16iB/20T robot offers high-speed operation, a maximum reach of 1730 mm, and comes in an underslung or sideslung configurations. The underslung configuration suspends the robot arm underneath the rail structure and provides a symmetrical work envelope on both sides of the rail, while the sideslung configuration, typical for use with an injection molding machine, suspends the robot arm off the side of the rail structure and allows for maximum vertical reach and stroke. The robot uses the R-J3iB Controller, reportedly built with high processing speed, memory, and I/O and communication processor enhancements. User application programs written for the R-J3 Controller run on the R-J3iB with little or no modifications. The robot also supports the i Pendant, a color graphic user interface device based on Internet technology.

The robots come with full product documentation, standard software, and 24-hour hotline support. The gantry structures are designed, tested, and supported as part of the standard product. A modular rail design allows standard rail travels in increments of 2.4 to 45 meters. A modular column design lets users specify rail height and column location along the rail. A dual-arm configuration, or two robots sharing the same rail, is available to accommodate heavy parts.

Fanuc Robotics America Inc., Rochester Hills, MI
(800) 477-6268; www.fanucrobotics.com

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