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October 1, 2001

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Transducer Products That Target Web Processors

October, 2001

Tension Control:

Transducer Products ThatTarget Web Processors

1001pn-10.jpgDover Flexo Electronics has twonew products: the True Tension TI-18 transducer interface/amplifier circuit card and the LT (low-tension) transducer, which converts filament or webtension into a dc voltage proportionalto tension.

Transducer interface/amplifier circuit card monitors tension in any zone on converting, printing and other types of web machinery. The True Tension TI-18 measures 3- x 5-in. and can be mounted on the machine or on a control panel. It takes a signal from tension transducers (installed on an idler roll in the web path) and delivers a signal proportional to tension to a drive, PLC or a tension controller.

The modular design is said to make the unit a cost-effective tension control component for OEM's and end-users. The unit's most basic configurationis the bare circuit card that can be mounted in an electronic component panel or cabinet.

A second version offers vertical mounting on a DIN rail with a card connector and edge guide. The TI-18 is also available as a compact, completely enclosed tension indicator (with remote meter supplied separately).

Standard features include 24 v dc power input, choice of 0 to 10 v dc isolated or non-isolated output or 4 to 20 mA isolated or non-isolated output proportional to tension, 0 to 1 mA damped output for a tension meter, dual calibration and adjustments for tension zeroing, calibration and meter damping.

The TI-18 ranges in price between $185 and $340, depending on configuration. According to the firm, the most popular seller so far is the plain circuit card version at $185.

Circle 108

1001pn-11.jpgLow-tension transducer, the LT, is designed to convert filament or web tension into a dc voltage proportional to tension. It is used in such applications as non-ovens winding, fiber processing and processes that require accurate tension measurement at low levels.

Load ratings range from 2 oz to 4.4 lb. Unit is claimed to be able to measure tension on loads to as low as 0.1 oz.

The LT is typically used as part of a tension control and display system on a winding machine that has cantilevered substrate carriers. It comes in either a stackable housing configuration or with a threadedhousing (M36 x 2) and twolocking nuts. The threaded housing version installs into a hole on a machine frame. Force direction can be changed by loosening the locking nuts and rotating the transducer to a desired position.

A hard-coated, durable and lightweight wheel is included for use in filament winding applications. A ribbon wheel and other custom wheel geometries and finishes are available. The transducer can also be purchased without the wheel so that special hardware can be mounted in its place.

The LT low tension transducer is priced at $578 with no wheel, $626 with a filament wheel and $636 with a ribbon wheel.

Dover Flexo Electronics
Rochester, NH Circle 109

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