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June 10, 2009

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Tray handler and more


To eliminate the operator’s task of loading or unloading molded parts, the TrayTender from NuTec Tooling Systems Inc. (Meadville, PA) automatically handles parts to and from trays. The system incorporates a vertical carousel magazine in the rear of the module that’s designed to allow for manual loading of individual trays of varying lengths and widths with a simple adjustment. The operator can load trays into the magazine without affecting the cycle of the system. A transfer shuttle stages and transfers trays from the vertical carousel magazine to the process robot.

Also incorporated into the setup is a tray loading/unloading six-axis robot, ceiling mounted to a linear slide (X-axis) that allows for travel in and out of the molding machine and auxiliary equipment. After the trays are processed, a second six-axis robot removes trays from the transfer nest and stacks them on the exit conveyor. The exit conveyor shuttles the finished tray stack to a safe zone for operator removal. The TrayTender can be configured to perform other secondary operations such as labeling, marking, vision inspection, assembly, and spray coating. [email protected]

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