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January 1, 2006

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Trim-removal systems are space, energy efficient

The FX1.5 has been added to the family of Fox TrimAway and Fox Runner venturi trim-removal systems. The system falls between the small FX1 and the powerful FX2. Smaller than the FX2 and much less costly, the FX1.5 can handle up to 2-inch-wide trim at speeds to 2000 ft/min, while the larger FX2 can run at speeds to 6000 ft/min. In installations where 2000 ft/min is an optimal speed, the FX1.5?s small size contributes to its unobtrusive installation in locations that would not accommodate a larger system and also offers more energy efficiency.
All Fox TrimAway systems are engineered for efficient trim removal during production or converting of most web materials. The adjustable venturi-based system includes a Gast regenerative blower. It transports waste to any waste collection point and can be integrated with recycling equipment. The system can operate as a single installation or as a collaborative system. A complete system includes all required parts and components needed to begin efficient trim removal.
The system can remove difficult-to-wind narrow trim widths and thin-gauge products. In such applications, the systems have paid for themselves very quickly by freeing manufacturers from the need to produce waste in wider-than-necessary easily-wound widths. Processors can finely tune the alignment of their trim removal capabilities with their trim-removal requirements. When using an optimally-sized system, some customers have reduced their edge trim from a width of several inches to a fraction of an inch. Energy efficiency is derived in part from not requiring a compressor, which also contributes to the quiet operation of the system. All Fox systems are modular constructions sized to customer requirements.

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