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November 1, 2001

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Trimmer Said To Handle Larger, Unusual Bottles Faster

November, 2001

Downstream Blow Molding:

Trimmer Said To HandleLarger, Unusual Bottles Faster

1101pn-7.jpgA horizontal trimmer developed by O'Connell Machine & Tool is claimed to trim large blow molded containers and neck-to-neck containers up to 20% faster than existing equipment. According to Joe Kozar, O'Connell's President, the unit can index from 0 to 35 times/min, so if the machine was trimming four bottles at a time, throughput could be as high as 140 bottles/min.

Typical applications include detergent bottles, large food containers and personal care products.

To achieve these results, Kozar says the machine uses true pick-and-place technology, a larger trim station and an intelligent servo motor. He adds that most trimmers use pick-and-drop systems, but the true pick-and-place technology allows for difficult, unusual and large-neck containers to be picked off the continuous conveyor from the blow molder and into the indexing trimmer.

The trim station is said to be 'considerably' larger than stations on current trimmers, so more bottles can be handled with the same trim. The platen size is 40-1/2 x 33 in. and the pass-through (length of bottle trim area) is 33 in.

For example, using identical bottles, the new trimmer can comfortably trim four containers, while the competition can only handle two or three, says Kozar. "The bigger the bottle, the bigger the difference," he adds. "Using larger bottles, our new trimmer could do three bottles, while existing trimmers could only do one."

The new system also features an inspection station and facer-reamer that uses an intelligent servo motor. (Facer-reamers are used to clean the inside of the bottle opening.) This reportedly allows the facer-reamer to use a pecking motion (versus just one motion) to achieve higher tolerances and better finishes.

This is a fairly sophisticated trimming machine; starting price is around $100,000 and options can drive the price up. The company does, however, also make small trimmers and deflashers that are priced under $20,000.

O'Connell Machine & Tool Co.
Toledo, OH Circle 116

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