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Twin-tower, solid-bed dryers

July 1, 2003

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Twin-tower, solid-bed dryers

TTD Series dehumidifying dryers reportedly provide dependable, efficient operation, with digital process temperature control, switch selectable (time/dewpoint) cycle control, and a twin-tower, solid-bed design. Their open design permits easy access to all dryer components. The material hopper design promotes uniform material and air flow and allows easy cleanout during material changeovers. Changeover valves have a positive seal. Electromechanical or PLC-based controls have display and diagnostic capability. The dryers also have a time or dewpoint demand regeneration cycle, a high temperature of 400F and a low temperature of 120F. Standard sizes range from 100 to 3000 cfm.

Foremost Machine Builders Inc. Fairfield, NJ; (973) 227-0700 www.foremostmachine.com

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