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August 1, 2000

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Two new lines of dryers

npe19.jpgTwo new lines of dryers--Wittmann's Nucon Systems Division introduced two new lines of resin dryers with capacities from 35 to 1060 cu ft/min.

The SiloMax dryer is a compact desiccant battery-operated dryer that can be wheeled up to an injection molding machine for on-demand use.

Dryers have twin desiccant bed designs with high capacity molecular sieves that are said to guarantee a dew point of -40 F. Individual, electrically operated switch-over valves for each desiccant bed are designed so there is no heat transfer between the drying and regeneration cycle. 

The DryMax 55 is a dual-tower desiccant dryer for PET that is designed to achieve a dew point of -90 F. Units incorporate separate valving of return air to process air so there is no heat cross-over. Units with capacities between 35 and 50 cu ft/min have an internal process heater, while units over 100 cu ft/min work with an external heater. Prices start at $4500.

Nucon Systems Division
Richmond Hill, ON

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