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July 1, 2001

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Two-Position Rotary Heatstaker Designed For High Volumes And Labor-Intensive Assemblies

July, 2001


Two-Position Rotary Heatstaker Designed For High Volumes And Labor-Intensive Assemblies

0701pn-24.jpgSonitek has added a new two-position rotary heatstaker to its line of assembly machines. Unit is designed to handle high volumes of production or labor-intensive assemblies and includes expanded system controllers and variable indexing speed control for maximum efficiency. Other standard features include 'opto-touch' palm buttons to reduce operator fatigue and 6-in. locking urethane caster wheels for mobility.

The key advantage claimed for the two-position rotary table is that it allows the operator to complete product assembly in the load station while the machine is simultaneously stakinganother part. The system operates on an electric rotary dial plate, which is equipped with two fixtures. The operator loads a part into the first fixture and the machine advances the first fixture to the stakingstation. At the same time the operator unloads a staked part and loads a new one into thesecond fixture. The company saysthis machine can triple output capacity.

The machine is also equipped with tool-less 'quick-change' capability for the upper tooling assembly. The head assembly can even be changed while hot. The dial plate also features 'quick-change' capability so part-holding fixtures can be changed rapidly.

Integrated into the heatstaker is a pneumatic pre-clamping assembly that allows clamping the part prior to staking. This is said to ensure a tight assembly. Also included are part sensing capabilities to prevent dry cycling and Sonitek's proprietary Post-Cooling feature, which lets the machine heatstake any thermoplastic material whether it be amorphous or crystalline in nature.

Options include additional workstations, date coding heads, light curtains, full automatic operation and automatic eject station. The new rotary system can also be incorporated into Sonitek's line of ultrasonic welders.

Prices start at $12,000, which does not include the heatstaker.

Sonitek Corp.
Milford, CT 

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