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August 23, 2008

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Two-stage preform inspection

NP_AGR_ac.jpgMolders of PET preforms can check up to 22,000 preforms/hr for leaks, flaws in the seal surface, and visual defects on the sides and base. The Preformer inspection machine can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated into a cell with a press. The design incorporates two flaw-inspection modes into one machine by using a camera-based module to check for problems with the wall and base and a leak-detection module to determine seal integrity. The camera system uses a proprietary illumination system and high-resolution cameras to check for bubbles, dark spots, foreign particles, long injection points, burnt rings, and crystallinity. Vision-analysis algorithms scan for chromatic defects over a preform?s body. The leak-detection system uses a vacuum to check for holes and related problems. The vacuum separates out preforms with surface imperfections, microscopic holes, or out-of-round finishes, and any short shots.Rejected preforms are sent to a scrap outlet and those that pass can be accumulated by lot in separate, palletized boxes. The Preformer also features low-cost replacement lamps, an intuitive user interface, and single-point control.

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