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March 1, 2001

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Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Eliminates Needle And Thread


Ultrasonic Sewing Machine Eliminates Needle And Thread

0301pn-7.jpgDukane's new dual-frequency DDSM 20/40 ultrasonic sewing machine is interchangeable between 20 and 40 kHz. It is designed for joining thermoplastic films and fabrics in such markets as automotive and medical.

Unit has LEDs for process monitoring. Edge guiding, rewinding and feed rolls can be incorporated into the machine. It can be controlled by an operator or integrated into an existing line. The DDSM 20/40 has a 19-in. throat and independent controls for slitting and rotary anvil welding.

Price is $12,075 without the ultrasonics; users need to specify the wattage needed to determine pricing withultrasonics. Use the Key Contact Directory on p 39 to discuss details with the supplier.

Dukane Corp.
St. Charles, IL

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