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March 1, 2001

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Universal Tester Has Interchangeable Load Cells


Universal Tester Has Interchangeable Load Cells

0301pn-19.jpgTesting Machines' new LTL 2.5 kN universal tester is designed for tension, compression and flexural testing of a variety of materials and parts. This single-column, bench-top machine has force measurement ranges from 1 N to 2.5 kN and a crosshead travel of 1000 mm.

Interchangeable load cells are available, certified to better than grade 0.5 EN 10002.2, DIN 5.221, ASTM E4 and AFNOR A03-501.

The integral display gives a readout of peak force (in tension, compression or flexure), elongation and the calculated statistics of mean, standard deviation and others without the need to connect to a separate PC. This is said to be a major benefit of the LTL over competitive systems because it can be used on the factory floor where the use of a separate PC is sometimes undesirable.

Test parameters are entered through a control panel in a sequential menu-driven format. The LTL can be connected to PC via the RS-232 interface. A range of software programs are available to provide data analysis. It is priced at under $12,000.

Testing Machines Inc.
Islandia, NY

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