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July 1, 2008

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Upgraded ProHelp

PLANT MANAGEMENTThe latest version (release 7.6.0) of ProHelp EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) real-time production and process monitoring system from this supplier is now available.Why update? New tools include a ‘dashboard’ display made available in the real-time dsplay that can be used to distribute and reinforce a plant-wide or department-specific “message of the day.” Also, says the supplier, the data selection interface in the ProStat tool has been simplified. Chart options, where appropriate, have been simplified and are shared across charts. To help with maintenance, when an existing machine’s preventive maintenance (PM) history or mold PM history record is deleted, the "date last performed" will be reset if the record that is being deleted is the most recently created record. Release 7.6.0 is being shipped with support for English, Chinese, Czech, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), German, Polish, Portuguese, and Portuguese (Brazil).Mattec, Loveland, OH, U.S.A.; +1 800-966-1301; www.mattec.com

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