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December 1, 2001

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Vacuum Chambers And Loaders Suited For Powders, Dusty Regrind

December, 2001

Materials Handling:

Vacuum ChambersAnd Loaders Suited ForPowders, Dusty Regrind

1201pn-24.jpgNovatec has introduced a line of compressed air, blow-back vacuum chambers and vacuum loaders for powders and dusty regrind. They are said to be especially effective for handling polyvinyl chloride powder that contains varying amounts of titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and other additives and fillers.

Capacities for the chambers are 1/3, 1/2, 1 and 2 cu ft, while the capacities for the loaders are 1/3 and 1 cu ft (loaders come in proportional and non-proportional versions). Chambers are used as part of a larger system and the vacuum motor is remote, while the loaders are self-contained units.

Both are claimed to be more compact (measuring about 17 in. dia and no more than 35 in. tall) compared to competitive products and use a special internal and external filter system instead of bag filters, thereby reducing maintenance and increasing uptime.

The filter elements, three per chamber, are manufactured specifically forNovatec. The standard element, depending on the model ordered, is either a 10 micron paper or a 10 micron polyester. Optional elements include a 1 micron polyester with a fluorocarbon membrane element and a 10 micron micro glass.

Existing Novatec chambers and loaders, even those without blow-back controls, can be easily retrofitted with the new filter system to handle powders and dusty regrind.

A 'Local Control' option allows the units to interface with existing MCS (material control system) panels that lack the necessary blow-back controls. MCS panels that DO have blow-back controls will use a 'Remote' control

The Remote and Local Controls are available as 115 v ac, 24 v ac or 24 v dc. A 1/3 cu ft chamber is priced at $1780, while a loader of the same size is priced at $2260.

Novatec, Inc.
Baltimore, MD Circle 103

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