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November 1, 2001

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Vision System Looks For Labeling Problems

November, 2001


Vision System Looks ForLabeling Problems

1101pn-33.jpgThe Label Examiner is a vision-based inspection system designed to inspect plastic containers for problems associated with the application and placement of labels. It is said to be ideal for in-mold labeling operations and similar applications where containers are labeled prior to filling.

Label presence, correct label, x-y position and skew can be verified with this system. Containers that do not meet predefined labeling requirements are identified and removed from the line by a built-in reject system.

The unit is equipped with a dual camera imaging system that is designed to perform simultaneous front and back label inspection on containers as they pass through the system. Inspection status, including defect counts for each inspection, is continuously displayed on the built-in monitor.

This stand-alone system can be mounted on most table-top conveyors. Because it takes up less than 18-in. of line space, it can be located close to the out-feed of a blow molder, labeler or along the packaging line. It is adjustable for containers of various heights, sizes and shapes.

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