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February 1, 2005

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Web-exclusive: Husky helps develop world's first compostable water bottle

Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, ON), known worldwide for its bottle preform production equipment for high-volume manufacturing, announced its role in developing the world’s first compostable water bottle. The company worked closely with Biota Brands of America Inc., Cargill Dow LLC, and SIG Corpoplast to develop a fully compostable bottle for Biota’s new line of premium Colorado spring water that complies with all municipal and industrial composting facilities, according to Cargill Dow LLC.

Husky supplied Biota with the preform production equipment—a 24-cavity HyPET 120 system that is currently producing preforms for 12-oz and 1-liter water bottles. Husky’s HyPET machine offers faster cycles, reduced mold wear, better repeatability, lower acetaldehyde generation, and better energy efficiency, leading to higher output-per-capital and high-quality preforms.

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