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March 1, 2001

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Web Scanning Systems Use 'Smart' Camera For 100% Real-Time Inspection

Web Inspection:

Web Scanning SystemsUse 'Smart' Camera For100% Real-Time Inspection

Wintriss Engineering is offering two web inspection systems: the high-contrast Web Ranger 1000 for detecting such flaws as gels, pinholes, pits, scratches and contamination and the low-contrast Web Ranger 2000, which detects subtle cross-direction and machine-direction streaks, holes, thinning, clumps and formation density. Defects can be as small as 1 mil.

At the heart of both systems is a 'smart' line scan camera system that can acquire and process a 5150-pixel line in real-time before the data leaves the camera. Processed data from multiple cameras can be networked via Ethernet to a host computer where a 2-D image is compiled without the need for a frame grabber.

The camera boasts 40-megapixel/sec video acquisition and processing and 20 BOPS (billion operations/sec) data processing. A BSD-socket-programming interface makes it operating system-independent.

The number of cameras needed on a Web Ranger system depends on the width and speed of the web and the size of the flaws to be detected. Units can inspect webs traveling at greater than 2000 ft/min and it will workwith either transparent or opaque materials.

A turnkey system runs around $50,000 to $60,000.

Wintriss Engineering Corp.
San Diego, CA

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