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Web Tensioning Brake Said To Run Cooler And Last Longer

May 1, 2001

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Web Tensioning Brake Said To Run Cooler And Last Longer

May, 2001


Web Tensioning Brake Said To Run Cooler And Last Longer

0501pn-18.jpgThe Re Combiflex from Double E Co. is a water-cooled, pneumatically con-trolled web-tensioning brake that is said to dissipateheat more effectivelythan other brakes on the market. This eliminatessuch problems as overheating, pad fade, excessivenoise, brake dust and rapid pad wear.

The brake has a bi-directional rotor design andinternal fan to increase airflow through the unit, which is said to provide greatercooling in a smaller package. A smaller brake means a smaller diameter rotorwith slower speeds at the friction points, so less heatis generated in the first place. An additional benefit cited is more accurate tension control, due to lower rotational inertia.

The brake also has a modular caliper design for flexibility. Calipers can be turned on or off, added or removed to improve tension control, handle different rolls on the same roll stand, allow for maintenance or provide emergency stopping capability. Brakes can be equipped with as few calipers as needed, to save money and eliminate unneeded braking power.

Calipers can also be used in multiples with solid disks in applications where fan cooling is not required. They are self-adjusting, and springs in the piston assembly retract the pads when pressure is released, providing total disengagement.This is said to reduce the chance of pads hanging up during operation.

A 'special' non-asbestos friction material is designed not to oscillate during operation, so the chance of wrinkles or breaks when unwinding thin materials is reduced. The brake caliper housing divides into two parts for easy pad removal.

Double E Co.
West Bridgewater, MA

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