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January 1, 2001

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Weigh Modules Designed For Silo Weighing Applications

Weigh Modules Designed For Silo Weighing Applications

jan01_14.jpgZ-Blok weigh modules are accurate, low-cost weight transducer units designed for silo weighing applications. Each module combines structural strength with accuracy for performance in installations where earthquakes or high winds are an inherent danger.

Integral, double cantilever shear beams reduce off-center errors commonly found in bending type beams. Modular construction eliminates the need for expansion assemblies, stay rods and check rods. Expansion-retainer plates compensate for vessel movement, side loads to 100% rated capacity (caused by mixer torque or vibration) and misalignment without affecting system accuracy.

Units have a low profile and simple installation procedures, so they can replace old (load cell) weigh systems. Capacity is 500 to 100,000 lb.

For pricing, use the Key Contact Directory on p 36 to contact the company directly.

BLH Electronics, Inc. - Canton, MA

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