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What colors are in?

May 29, 2000

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What colors are in?

Research done by DuPont Herberts Automotive Systems, an automotive coatings supplier, indicates that today's consumers of motor vehicles want a choice of colors that deliver strong emotional impact and reflect technology. The 48th annual DuPont color popularity survey shows a preference in cars for techno-colors such as silver, along with nature-based colors including warm browns and a new interest in cool blues. The emotional impact of black and traditional ordinary colors such as red is also expected to remain strong.

While the survey specifically studies preferences in car colors, the high-tech trend also transfers to applications in other markets. The graphite and silver high-tech look of the Apple G4 and high-end iMac computers bears witness to this trend.

Robert S. Daily, color styling and marketing manager at DuPont Automotive Finishes, says that the hot colors of the first years of the new millennium will continue to reflect a trust in technology. "Silver is hot right now, but in the future, look for shades of gold to seize a growing share of the market," he says. "Gold shows a sense of grandeur and prosperity, relating to a luxurious lifestyle that people want."

And with metallic flake pigments for plastics improving all the time, will gold appliances be far behind?

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