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April 1, 2000

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When is Smaller Better? When It's A Hot Runner

When is Smaller Better? When It's A Hot Runner

1npelogo4c.jpggroupimage30.jpgJPI Technologies has introduced what it says is the world's smallest hot runner system. Made by Heitec (Burgwald, Germany), the new system is based on the patented 'flat nozzle concept' but Heitec has succeeded in making the system smaller and created a miniature hot tip nozzle.

Minimum nozzle spacing of 7 mm (0.276 in.) is possible with nozzle length starting at 22.5 mm (0.866 in.). Each nozzle can be controlled separately with any 220-240 volt 'J' type thermocouple temperature controller. The heater and the thermocouple are both replaceable on-site.

JPI says the nozzles are used in 32-cavity production molds to make micro parts for medical, electronic and other industries. The flat nozzles are also capable of running engineering resins.

Pricing is said to be competitive because the system does not use any customized components. For more
specific pricing information, pleasecontact JPI directly (see the Key Contact Directory on p 50).

JPI Technologies Inc.
Brampton, Ontario Canada  

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