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May 1, 2002

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Winder options improve efficiencies

NP_Brampton.jpgA new line of winders has roll size and handling options for blown film processors that need to produce larger rolls. A line of stacked dual-turret winders handles 32-inch-diameter rolls. Two series of back-to-back or front-to-front turret winders can handle 40- or 47-inch-diameter rolls. With almost four times as much film per roll as 24-inch rolls, processors will have approximately one-fourth as many roll transfers, reducing the scrap and labor involved in roll handling.

A shaft handling system for nonpivoting air shafts has a hoist that lifts the roll and air shaft to a shaft holder stand. The hoist clamps on to one end of the air shaft, and a roll handler removes the roll from the shaft. A new core is inserted, the shaft is unclamped, and the hoist returns the shaft to the winder. The system eliminates the need for line operators to lift heavy shafts, reducing the risk of operator injury.

On winders with pivoting shafts, the hoist supports the shaft's free end until the roll weight is taken by a roll handler, which in turn pulls the roll off the shaft. Tapeless transfer is also available, using a static transfer method that reduces the demand on the operator to tape every roll core. Combined with forward and reverse automatic cut-over, these options reportedly help make the turret winders more safe and efficient for operators.

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