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August 23, 2008

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Wire EDM for micro-miniature machining


Makino?s UPJ-2 horizontal wire EDM machine can thread and machine with wire as small as .00078 inch (.02 mm) in diameter. This allows for micrometer- and nanometer-level machining for the micro-miniature machining markets. The machine can be used for such jobs as gears for micro-miniature molds, fiber optics, inkjet nozzles, and medical instruments.

The UPJ-2 can automatically thread a .00078-inch wire through a .0027-inch-diameter (.07-mm) start hole with a .0059-inch (.15-mm) pitch. Spark gap is minimized by the machine?s dielectric fluid operation; the core and slug removal unit is said to improve particulate flushing.

The entire machine is enclosed within a Makino Thermal Guard temperature system, which helps control the temperature inside the covers to within 1 deg F (.5 deg C). This helps the machine to perform high-accuracy machining during long hours of operation.

The x-, y-, and z-axes travel 7.87 by 7.87 by 2.36 inches (200 by 200 by 60 mm), and the u- and v-axes travel ±.394 inch (±10 mm). A 50-nm (.00005-mm) scale feedback system is standard in the x-, y-, u-, and v-axes for micromachining and positioning accuracy. The maximum suspended weight is 44 lb (20 kg), which includes the toolholder. The maximum taper angle is ±3° for a .004-inch (.10-mm) wire at a 1.2-inch (30-mm) thickness.

The UPJ-2 uses a V-type wire guide rather than a round guide to enhance threading accuracy. Standard features include a Windows CE operating system and a touch-screen 15-inch LCD with Ethernet interface. An optional automatic work changer and an optional core removal unit allow the machine to operate long hours unattended.?KH

Makino, Mason, OH
(513) 573-7200

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