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Following on the heels of its revamp of the W821 robot announced in April of 2012, the Wittmann Group has announced that the W831 model linear robot has also been improved.

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Wittmann robot revamps continue with W831

The idea driving the updates is offering processors "the opportunity to automate the production of even heavier payloads on middle-size molding machines," defined as in the range of around 500 tons. This means that the W831 can now handle a maximum payload of 12 kg with a vertical stroke of 1200 mm. Stroke lengths of 1000-, 1200-, and 1400 mm are offered.

The updated W821, in contrast, can handle a 12-kg payload for vertical strokes of 1000 mm.

Horizontal stroke begins at 2000 mm in standard configurations, and reaches up to 5000 mm. The idea behind the 5000-mm horizontal stroke of the z-axis is to enable mounting in an L configuration, which, it turn, offers the possibility of clamp-end placement of parts. The W831 can also be mounted in a T configuration, allowing the robot to work on both sides of the machine.

While three highly dynamic servo drives for the main axes are standard, the robot can be equipped with additional rotational servo drives for more complex post-processing steps. The W831 can be equipped with additional I/O modules for additional digital or analog inlets or outlets for control of extra components, with the R8.2 control providing "an integrated real-time network."

As with other W8 series robots, the W831 has a space-saving integrated control cabinet and a moveable kick-stroke design for unlimited space in front of the vertical arm.

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