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Primary auxiliaries

Up to four new types of auxiliaries recently were released in the global marketplace by the sister company of Colortronic North America Inc. (Flint, MI) stationed in the United Kingdom—Colortronic (UK) Ltd. They include bulk materials storage products and mixers, an “intelligent” energy management system for dryers, a feeder, and a new series of synchronous color blenders.

Its new Octabin tilting units allow the loading of containers at floor level. By automatically tilting them into a corner, they can be left virtually unmanned until the containers are empty, thereby saving costly operator intervention, according to the company.

Colortronic’s new Model CT-SMV vertical batch mixers homogeneously mix granules, regrind, and flakes while ensuring consistent flow to the downstream processes. Options include washing and recycling systems.

Also, its new CT-MB polymer-walled bulk storage containers provide an alternative to both aluminum and stainless steel bins. They’re available in sizes from 110-3300 lb.

New Dry-Flex central dryers from Colortronic have an automatic energy control system called the I-Tronic. While controlling airflow between drying hoppers and the main drying cabinet, it constantly monitors the process, and automatically compensates for changes detected.

Colortronic’s new retrofittable CD70S feeder reportedly is ideally suited for feeding granular and free-flowing regrind as well as flake materials. It has a large screw intake area to ensure consistent feeding.

Materials are discharged from the compact and lightweight unit’s bottom with a slide gate. It can be supplied in either gravimetric or volumetric versions.

And, the company’s new Colorblend/Synchroblend feeder, featuring the company’s signature “disc blending” technology, has been equipped with an easy-to-use touch-screen GUI for accurate, closed-loop feeding of up to six additives. It’s also equipped with a new drive motor.

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