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Processor pleased with Demag's first Titan

Article-Processor pleased with Demag's first Titan

Feedback from Ted Jendrisak, president of Pilot Plastics (Peninsula, OH), indicates his firm’s first year with the very first two-platen Titan Series machine from Demag Plastics Group (Strongsville, OH) has been a smooth one. “There was nothing abnormal with the installation. It’s a very nice machine, and we’re real happy with it,” Jendrisak said.
In December 2005, Demag delivered a 2200 Titan to Pilot Plastics facility, where it runs 25 injection molding machines, including four Demag Caliber machines. The Titan Series is replacing Demag’s Caliber and MaXX machines.
“The Titan has an improved guidance system for the platens,” Jendrisak said. “It’s a much nicer machine. The linear rail system requires very little lubrication, keeping the die area very clean.” His firm processes large pipe fittings, motorcycle fairings, and houseware items such as tote containers and trashcans on the machine. Pilot Plastics’ Titan has a high base (36 inches) so that parts can simply drop onto a conveyor, eliminating the need for robotic removal. Three of the four Calibers at Pilot Plastics also have the high base option.
Jendrisak owned another plastics molding company for 20 years before starting Pilot Plastics six years ago with cousin Mike Jendrisak and Larry Thompson. This spring the firm intends to nearly double its production space from the current 70,000 sq ft to 120,000 sq ft.—[email protected]
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