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Product News - Low-Cost, Machine-Mount Dryers

Article-Product News - Low-Cost, Machine-Mount Dryers

Low-Cost, Machine-Mount Dryers

PN 3The EZ-Dry series of microprocessor controlled, machine mountable dehumidifying dryers have a solid cone hopper design that is said to offer instant dry air, a low dewpoint and high air flow.

Units are available with hopper sizes of 20, 40, 60 and 120 lb. The 20- and 40-lb hopper dryers produce 15 cu ft/min process airflow, while the 60- and 120-lb dryers produce 30-cu ft/min process airflow. All sizes operate with a 5-cu ft/min, 80- to 120-psig, clean compressed air source.

The EZ-Dry is available with 110 vac (12 amp) or 220 vac (6 amp). When compared to the manufacturer's 30 pph desiccant dehumidifying dryer, the EZ-Dry consumes 38% less energy. The lightweight dryers are said to be easy to clean, with an all stainless steel and aluminum construction.

For typical applications the EZ-Dry is capable of drying most resins with the standard unit, which is priced between $2400 and $3200. Where the user needs a higher level of dehumidification, an Automatic Desiccant Tower assembly is available for an additional $800.

Universal Dynamics, Inc.
Woodbridge, VA

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