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Product News - Multifunction Block Timer Has Nine Timing Modes

Article-Product News - Multifunction Block Timer Has Nine Timing Modes

Multifunction Block Timer Has Nine Timing Modes
PN 1-11/99Model MBT 'all-in-one' timer from Canfield Connector is a solid-state timer/toggle latch with nine timing modes, a timing sequence from 0.1 sec to 33.3 hr and multiple voltages. Canfield says OEMs of automated machinery can stock one timer with many sequenced functions.

Unit has an input voltage range of 12 to 240 v dc and 24 to 240 v ac 50/60 Hz. Users can change the timing sequence mode or switch functions in the field and detect the current function by looking at its face. To reconfigure the timing sequence mode, the user readjusts the 12 toggle switches on the face of the unit. An integrated red LED indicator light allows for fast troubleshooting.

In addition, the MBT can trigger two or more timing sequences simultaneously. If the user requires a multi-function application, the unit can be used to trigger another MBT in a cascading arrangement in order to meet complex functions or longer time ranges. There is no limit to the number of MBTs that can be cascaded in series.

Timers are said to be resistant to dust, humidity and vibration and can be mounted via a through hole with a 6-mm diameter screw. Electrical connections are 0.250 in. AMP Faston posts for crimp-type, push-on connectors.

The MBT is said to be priced competitively over traditional timers that offer less features. To find out more specific pricing information, please call the company directly (see the Key Contact Directory).

Canfield Connector
Youngstown, OH 

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