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Product News - Screen Changer System Is For Applications With A High Level OfContamination

Article-Product News - Screen Changer System Is For Applications With A High Level OfContamination

Screen Changer System Is For Applications With A High Level Of Contamination

The TSK...SR screen changer system from Trendlekamp can be applied as a pre-filter to any type of screen changers or as the primary filter for heavily contaminated polymers where 1-mm particle retention is acceptable.

Unit is based on the manufacturer's TSK rectangular twin-bolt continuous screen changer design. For the TSK...SR, rectangular flat breaker plates are fitted into the screen support bolts. Attached by screws to each breaker plate is a reusable steel filter element with 1-mm or larger borings. Disposable screens or screen packs are not required.

The system is said not to require any operator participation. When the system PLC senses a pre-determined differential pressure, one screen at a time is hydraulically moved to the 'cleaning' position where a heated knife scrapes the filter element clean. Before the cleaned filter element is inserted back into the 'production' position, the filter chamber is vented to remove the air.

In a test application (a recycling line that included a large slide plate type screen changer) a processor reduced screen changing frequency from 15 times/hr to two times/hr.

The savings in screen packs alone saved more than $1400/day, according to the manufacturer. Additional savings are based on the fact that screen changing is no longer a full time job for an operator, the production rate is increased and significant quantities of polymer are saved.

About 4 lb of material are lost during each slide plate screen change. The saving of 13 screen changes times 4 lb of polymer per change adds up to more than 50 lb/hr of material saved or an increase in production of more than 50 lb/hr.

TSK...SR screen changer systems are available with throughputs from 1100 to 6600 lb/hr. Prices range from $60,000 to $90,000 and include all controls.

Trendlekamp USA
Norcross, GA

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