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Product News - Servo-Driven Hot Stamping Press Helps Processors Meet ISO 9000Requirements

Servo-Driven Hot Stamping Press Helps Processors Meet ISO 9000 Requirements

PN 1-1298The ES Press is an electronic servomotor-driven hot stamping and heat transfer press that can decorate up to a 16- by 16-in. platen area with pressures from 0.25 to 6 tons.

The servos are said to give the machine the accuracy, reliability, repeatability, speed and reduced set-up time needed for process quantification and recording. Upstroke speeds, dwell times and print parameters are entered and can be read back in units of in./min, mS and lb of force.

Set up is via keypad entries for distance, speed and time. During operation, head stroke lengths can be varied in increments down to 0.0001 in. without mechanical adjustments. Multi-stage upstroke and downstroke speeds are user programmable.

The basic press comes with plain foil advance and hand triggers. Label guide bars are said to ease label-tracking adjustments. Ball bushings and hardened rails are used on all linear motions.

Options include servo label registration devices, turntables and semi-automatic uploading equipment.

The unit measures 48 by 60 by 72 in. and weighs 3000 lb. Other specifications: stroke length, 5.5 in.; throat depth, 18 in.; maximum opening, 30 in.; head up/down speed, 800 in./min; electrical requirements, 208 v ac, 3 hp, 10 amp.

All electrical inputs and outputs are optically isolated and plug terminated on the control box and a fused main power disconnect is provided for permanent installations.

Prices start at $32,000. A warranty covers all machine components for six months with additional warranties of up to five years on certain electrical and mechanical parts.

Permanent Label Corp.
Clifton, NJ

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