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Product News - Stainless Mold Steel Addresses Need For Hardness, Stability,Corrosion-Resistance

Article-Product News - Stainless Mold Steel Addresses Need For Hardness, Stability,Corrosion-Resistance

Stainless Mold Steel Addresses Need For Hardness, Stability, Corrosion-Resistance

Mar-X is the name of a new 'remarkably tough and long-lasting' vacuum arc remelted (VAR) precipitation hardening stainless mold steel. According to the manufacturer, Mar-X offers the following benefits:

  • Polishability suitable for lens-quality applications,
  • Corrosion-resistance due to high alloy '15-5 type' stainless steel formulation,
  • Easy machinability at a solution-treated hardness of approximately 285 BHN,
  • Precipitation hardening at moderate temperatures to ensure the same hardness at the surface and in the center of the block,
  • Dimensional stability because no post-machining is required.

This steel can also be supplied solution-treated and age-hardened. The VAR is said to provide 'virtually defect-free' mold steel that is tougher and cleaner than steel produced using a conventional melting technique or Electro Slag Remelting.

Mar-X steel is forged from upset ingots to a minimum 5:1 reduction of area using the manufacturer's wide-die techniques. This is said to ensure consolidated centers and fine grain structure and to provide consistent isotropic properties throughout. Please contact the manufacturer directly for pricing information (see our Key Contact Directory).

A. Finkl & Sons Co.
Chicago, IL

Source: PLASTICS Daily News wire service, Business Intelligence Group, Morrisville, PA

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