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Product News - Vision-Based System Measures Containers, Related Products

Article-Product News - Vision-Based System Measures Containers, Related Products

Vision-Based System Measures Containers,

Related Products

PN 5-4/99The Container Dimensional Gauge (CDG) is a vision-based dimensional measuring system that is said to provide repeatable measurement of both 'routine' and difficult-to-measure container features.

The non-contact system is automatic and is claimed to be ideal for inspection of newly formed containers, incoming inspection of purchased containers and evaluation of new container designs.

The CDG incorporates a high-resolution CCD camera and back lighting system to illuminate and view critical container dimensions. The camera scans the profile of the container and records dimensional values according to operator-defined parameters.

A rotating test platform permits the container to be rotated up to 360 deg for measurement of features that require rotation, such as thread start, tilt and body perpendicularity, or for measuring the same container at different angles.

Unit is pre-programmed to allow an operator to set up and perform measurements on containers with special attention paid to the unique measurement requirements of plastic bottles. Standard routines are provided for measuring the features of various finishes used in the container industry, including T, E, S, H and L dimensions (these concern thread dimensions), as well as overall container height and body diameter.

A data and statistical analysis package is included with each CDG. Data is stored in a database and reports can be produced for individual or groups of containers. The statistical package provides process control information. Data is analyzed and can be viewed in a number of ways, including X-bar, R-charts, histograms and other formats.

Two versions are available: table-top with manual feed and stand-alone with auto-feed. Both are capable of measuring containers up to 12 in. high x 9 in. wide and include the basic dimensional gaging platform and operational computer system. The auto-feed version incorporates a computer-driven pick-up arm, which selectively picks bottles from a tray, places them on the inspection table and returns them when the measurement sequence is completed.

Depending on the number of measurements performed, the table-top unit can process one bottle/min and the automated unit can process about 200 bottles/8-hr shift. Prices range from around $65,000 (table-top) to $85,000 (automated).

AGR International, Inc.
Butler, PA

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