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Purging compound neutralizes odors

Article-Purging compound neutralizes odors

A new fresh-scent Dyna-Purge purging compound is designed for use by injection molders processing all thermoplastic resins with conventional or hot runner/hot manifold systems. According to the manufacturer, the scented Dyna-Purge neutralizes odors that can be associated with the purging process.

The compound features a fragrance of food-grade quality and is designed to work with existing Dyna-Purge formulations to clean plastics processing equipment safely and efficiently in one pass. The compound gives off what is described as a ?pleasant, yet subtle, citrus-type? scent. It is available for immediate shipment in the following grades: Dyna-Purge M for resins processed at 350 to 600F, Dyna-Purge E for resins at 590 to 735F, Dyna-Purge P for hot runner/hot manifold systems at 320 to 575F, and Dyna-Purge V for rigid or flexible PVCs at 320 to 400F.

All Dyna-Purge grades come in ready-to-use form and do not require mixing. They are heat stable, will not degrade, and have unlimited shelf life. This nonchemical, nonabrasive compound does not melt completely; it instead scrubs and pushes its way through the injection cylinder, screw, and runner system. Also, according to the manufacturer, smaller amounts of Dyna-Purge are required for each application than conventional compounds. For a 55-lb box, Dyna-Purge ranges in price from $2.95/lb to $4.30/lb depending upon the specific grade; range for a 250-lb drum is from $2.15/lb to $3.60/lb.

Shuman Plastics Inc.
Depew, NY

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