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Purging compound for soft-touch polymers

A purging compound has been developed to meet the needs of the growing use of soft-touch materials in overmolding and coinjection applications. Designed for purging soft-touch polymers such as TPO, TPE, and TPR, the new Dyna-Purge K formulation is said to flow easily and smoothly at lower processing temperatures and can now be used in hot runner systems. The compound is designed for use at temperatures ranging from 290F to 500F and is said to soften but never melt. The thermoplastic compound loosens carbonized and degraded resins as well as colors, while the carrier matrix is designed to flush impurities.

According to Dyna-Purge, machine downtime and scrap are reduced since the compound cleans on the first pass. Dyna-Purge K is nonchemical and nonabrasive to prevent component wear. The compound requires no machine adjustments for temperature or rpm and can be introduced at the resident resin processing temperature. Dyna-Purge K is thermally stable with an unlimited shelf life and is ready to use, requiring no soaking, mixing, or other preparation.

Dyna-Purge Div.,
Shuman Plastics Inc., Buffalo, NY
(716) 685-2121;

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