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Recirculating Spray Mixhead Is Designed For Open-Pour RIM

Article-Recirculating Spray Mixhead Is Designed For Open-Pour RIM

May, 2001


Recirculating Spray Mixhead Is Designed For Open-Pour RIM

0501/pn-4Gusmer-Admiral's 13-mm RIMSpray mixhead is a larger version of its 6-mm recirculating unit for spraying PUR (polyurethane) in RIM (reaction injection molding) applications. The company says these units are the only recirculating spray mixheads designed specifically for open-pour RIM.

The unit is designed to apply a wide coverage path (48 in.) instead of the narrow pour stream (1 in.) common to a standard open-pourmixhead. The fan-like dispersal of PUR reduces the number of times the head must pass over the mold to complete the pour. It also is said to produce a more even application of PUR to the mold surface, with precise control over the spray.

The size of the fan spray pattern can be adjusted by changing the nozzle tip or by adjusting the height of the mixhead off the face of the mold. The mixhead is mechanically self-cleaning and totally hydraulic to avoid sticking.

It is lightweight with mounting access for a robot or manipulator, making it well-suited for automation. Pricing is said to be 'attractive,' being about the same as the company's standard straight mixheads. For full pricing details, see our Key Contact Directory, p 39.

Gusmer-Admiral, Inc.
Akron, OH

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