Build the (sustainable, eco-friendly) wall?

DuraBlox wall systemSo, will it be a big, beautiful concrete wall; steel slats; good ol’ fencing; peaches (hey, that’s what he said); none of the above? How about an “eco-friendly” wall made of recycled aluminum and plastic?

“We have an alternative border security design that would utilize hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic waste,” John Fuhr of Durablox Wall Systems (St. Paul, MN) told PlasticsToday via email. DuraBlox are structural, interlocking blocks made with post-consumer plastic waste. They are combined with recycled aluminum framing to build environmentally friendly walls that complement local landscapes while providing a strong, physical barrier, the company writes on its website. Each mile of DuraBlox, between 15 and 30 feet high, uses three to six million pounds of plastic waste, according to Fuhr. Aluminum openings can be placed accordingly. “By combining it with technology, it can become part of an ‘eco-smart’ border solution," he added.

So, what do you think? Does a sustainable barrier across our southern border have the makings of a bipartisan solution, bringing together those who want to save the planet and those who want to save the United States from the "invasion" at our southern border?

Yeah, probably not.

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