Ineos Styrolution, GreenMantra agree to jointly advance polystyrene chemical recycling

Polystyrene pelletsIneos Styrolution (Aurora, IL), a global styrenics supplier, and GreenMantra Technologies Ltd. (Branford, ON, Canada), a clean technology company, announced the signing of a joint development agreement that will align GreenMantra’s patented technology and Ineos Styrolution’s manufacturing infrastructure to convert waste polystyrene (PS) into chemical monomer building blocks. This will further enhance the circular economy by replacing a portion of virgin monomer feed in Ineos Styrolution’s polymerization process.

This joint development agreement brings together a promising match between GreenMantra’s patented chemical up-cycling technology for plastic waste and the manufacturing expertise of Ineos Styrolution. The maturity of each company in its respective area of expertise will expedite the diversion of PS waste from landfills by converting it back into valuable polymers and monomer building blocks. Ultimately this will close the PS resin loop and extend the value of this plastic resource.

As part of this partnership, GreenMantra’s secondary product from the PS depolymerization process will be evaluated for use as a raw material by Ineos Styrolution for its polystyrene resin production. This agreement allows both companies to expand their efforts to advance the circular economy.

Ineos Styrolution is expanding its portfolio by working with leaders in the chemical recycling industry, and GreenMantra continues to find new, innovative ways to apply its existing technology and divert plastic from landfills, while creating value-added performance polymers that serve a broad range of industries and applications.

Ricardo Cuetos, VP Standard Products for Ineos Styrolution America LLC, said, “We are excited to announce this joint development agreement with GreenMantra as we continue to expand our partnerships with companies across North America. It is a pleasure to collaborate with a company that shares our commitment to pursuing a circular economy and keeping valuable polystyrene material from ending up in our oceans and landfills.”

GreenMantra utilizes a proprietary catalyst and patented depolymerization process to advance utilization of waste polystyrene into two product streams—a primary up-cycled low-molecular-weight PS and a secondary recycled styrene monomer.

Domenic Di Mondo, VP of Technology at GreenMantra commented, “As we launch our new technology to up-cycle waste polystyrene, we are delighted to work with Ineos Styrolution on applications for our secondary recycled styrene product. This exciting partnership aids both Ineos Styrolution in its goal of enhancing the sustainability of its products and GreenMantra in our mission to close the loop on waste PS by identifying value and creating outlets for our two product streams.”

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