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Resin drying and purging expertise at your fingertips

Article-Resin drying and purging expertise at your fingertips

Judging from the dozens of questions and positive feedback we received during two webinars we organized in the past week, the plastics processors who made time for them are glad they did. Resin drying and successful purging are critical tasks at many, even most plastics processors, and we bet every attendee took away a few tips he can put to use immediately.

Yes, it is hard during a normal workday to find an hour to sit and concentrate, and when was the last time one of your days was normal anyway? But you deserve the right to invest an hour or two in your craft, just like the hundreds of plastics processors who did join both events.   

Last Friday a few hundred of your peers joined Mike Sepe, the Materials Analyst of Injection Molding Magazine fame, as he presented on resin drying and moisture measurement. His presentation (the slides, his commentary and his answers to many questions, all packed into 60 minutes) is available now in our webinar archives. Find out more and watch the webinar at

Yesterday we were joined in our webinar studio by the plastics purging experts of Asaclean, with Asaclean VP Joseph Serell making a 35-minute presentation on the 10 key principles of purging your plastics processing machinery. His colleague John Pizzo, technical service and development engineer, then answered as many of the attendees' questions as possible in the time remaining. Use this link to register (only takes a minute) to hear Joe's presentation and see and download his slides. 

If you find time for these webinars, please let us know whether you enjoyed and learned from them, at [email protected]. Also, if you have a topic you would like to learn more about, share that with us too.

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