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Resin pricing got you down? It’s time to ask the expert

Article-Resin pricing got you down? It’s time to ask the expert

Most processors have a purchasing manager designated, but rare is the company that makes space on its payroll for a person whose sole focus is purchasing resin. Yet half or more of a processor's expenses can be traced back to resin. Do you really want a person worrying about ordering pens, hydraulic oil, and paper for the printer when the real value that employee can add is when he reduces your resin purchasing outlay?

Of course you don't, but hiring someone just to handle bidding and ordering of plastics often cannot be justified. Let us help. Bill Bowie, COO of RTi (Resin Technology Inc.), is eager to help you optimize your resin purchasing strategy.

Bowie's advice is available free through our Ask the Expert (ATE) service at Click the ATE link, send in your question, and you can expect a reply within two workdays. No costs, no catches, just a good way for you to sound out one of the industry's most experienced resin buyers. [email protected]

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