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The Return of Babyplast

Alba Enterprises Inc. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of the innovative, 7-ton tabletop injection molding machine line bearing the Babyplast marquee. Featuring microprocessor control and fully proportional hydraulics in which the pump is immersed in an oil-filled tank for easy inspection and servicing, they are water-cooled and require only mold cavity changes to change part runs.

Alba also will be supplying Babyplast’s new UAI, a compact, fully programmable, standalone injection unit with a wheel-mounted metal cabinet measuring just 20 by 33 by 39 inches that can easily turn your molding machine into a multimolding machine. It allows either vertical or horizontal attachment to your mold and interfaces to your press through an I/O socket. The shooter’s a linear transducer-monitored piston.

Besides the Babyplast line, Alba is now offering a few more innovative solutions, including the following:

• New, patent-pending, flat, brass, CNC-profiled nozzle heaters said to wrap tighter and work hotter than more conventional heaters, and also said to operate at half the wattage of more conventional flat round-cast heaters. They are engineered to provide the heat profile uniformity necessary for optimum performance in multicavity molds.

• Stack mold hot runner manifolds with integrated shutoff valves integrated inside the nozzles to save space. The design reduces hot runner seating dimensions inside the mold (the spacer plate height is just 129 mm) about 5 inches. The shutoff system is pneumatic, available diameters are 16 and 24 mm, and standard nozzle lengths range up to 206 mm.

• Single-nozzle hot sprues incorporating a space-saving integrated single heater no external heater is used.

• Alba’s latest version of its D-Series hot runner nozzles, now featuring the flat, brass heaters mentioned above, are now available with replaceable tips. The replaceable tips also will fit the original D-Series nozzles. And, standard lengths have been tripled to reach 216 mm for certain diameters. And Alba also offers nozzles specially designed for molding materials with metallic fillers for producing a glittering effect in molded products, such as those in some cosmetics packaging. The nozzle tips are specially shaped to allow for uniform material flow and distribution, eliminating visible flow paths. They’re available in 16-24 mm diameters and 36-206 mm lengths. —CK
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