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Returnable/ reusable crate molder adds capacity for Europe

Article-Returnable/ reusable crate molder adds capacity for Europe

Details are not being revealed but plastic returnable transit packaging molder LINPAC Allibert says it is adding molding and other manufacturing capacity to its facility in Winsford (Cheshire), England, with the goal to serve all of Europe from its molding facilities in the U.K.

"We see this as a real success story for UK manufacturing at a time when industry as a whole has had to deal with exceptionally tough trading conditions," commented Danilo Oliynik, commercial director at LINPAC Allibert, which is headquartered in Birmingham. PlasticsToday asked for specifics on the expansion but was told that details on the investment were considered commercially confidential.

The crates are molded from polypropylene or high-density polyethylene in almost50 variants, all Euro-pallet compatible, and lids, dividers, mobile dollies and label holders all are available as options for the packaging.

Returnable plastic stacking crates are used in nearly every industry and also have become big sellers to consumers. Notes Oliynik, "Thanks to its heavy-duty capabilities and versatility across multiple applications, the Euro Stacking range has been universally adopted as the stacking container of choice for industrial and engineering applications. It is so versatile that it is impossible for us to describe an average or typical usage situation."

From the Winsford molding facility, LINPAC will be supplying both the mainland European and the U.K. market. Oliynik said the central location helps to reduce supply chain costs, carbon footprint and lead times to customers.

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