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Sepro to feature 20 robots at NPE2015

Article-Sepro to feature 20 robots at NPE2015

Sepro America will bring a total of 20 robots to Orlando, FL, for NPE2015. Ten are being demonstrated in the Sepro booth (W-263) and 1- more in the booths of injection molding machine manufacturers. Highlights on the stand include an entirely new line of robots (details of which have not been released), as well as:

• 5X Line 5-Axis Robots

Designed for applications requiring complex part manipulation, the 5-axis 5X Line is based on the Sepro 3-axis Cartesian beam robots, known for high-precision and high-speed performance. A 2-axis Stäubli servo wrist is added to provide additional compact servo rotations making it easy to adapt to challenging applications like insert placing, complex extraction paths in the mold, path tracking for flame treatment, and the like.

• 6X Visual 6-Axis Robots

The 6X Visual line of robots combines a Stäubli 6-axis articulated-arm robot with easy-to-use Sepro Visual 3 control to deliver a flexible automation solution specifically for injection molding.

• Success General-Purpose Servo-Driven Robots

The Success range of robots benefit from the S-Platform technology that was perfected on the high-performance S5 Line, so they are faster and able to handle bigger, heavier parts than many similar robots. Sized for injection-molding machines from 20 to over 800 tons of clamp they are truly affordable robots with enhanced capabilities.

• 5DA Dual-Arm Servo Robots

Specifically designed for applications involving 3-plate molds, the 5DA line includes units sized for machines from 30 to 500T. They incorporate a 3-axis arm (with 0 - 90° pneumatic wrist) that allows for simple pick-and-place of molded parts, as well as a secondary 2-axis servo arm for sprue unloading.

• S3 Servo-Driven Sprue Picker

Offering higher levels of performance and productivity in the most basic robot applications, the S3 sprue picker is faster than standard pneumatically driven sprue pickers. It operates at 6.5 ft/sec (2m/sec) speeds on the vertical axis. It is also more accurate and repeatable, more reliable and requires less maintenance.

A total of 10 Sepro robots will also be seen in operation in the exhibits of injection molding machine manufacturers including:

• Sumitomo Demag – Booth W-623
• Absolute Haitian – Booth W-3683
• G. Pernoud North America (with Billion) – Booth W-983
• Stork – Booth W-929
• Maruka U.S.A./Toyo – Booth W-303
• One other

All these different robots are operated using the same easy-to-use control platform, which was developed by Sepro especially for injection-molding applications. The 5- and 6-axis robots benefit from the application of the Visual 3 robot control, Sepro’s newest, fastest and most powerful control. Visual 2 controls are standard on advanced S5 Line 3-axis robots, and Touch 2 controls on the general-purpose Success range and servo sprue picker. All controls have the same user interface with large, easy-to-read and -navigate 10-inch touch-sensitive screen that makes operation simple and intuitive. A joystick allows operators to actually steer the robot to fine-tune its movements.

“When we talk about ‘Your Free Choice in Robots,’” says Jim Healy, VP of sales & marketing, Sepro America, “we’re showing potential customers that no matter what their application, no matter where they are located, no matter what molding machines they operate, new machines or existing, Sepro has options that can meet their needs.”

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