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Simulator focuses on CAD integration, cost estimation, productivity

New 3D QuickFill 99.1 solids-based injection molding simulation software quickly and easily identifies how to create and produce the best plastic part design possible. Its new features include an automatic report generator and a cost-estimation tool. The report generator (pictured) automatically produces a comprehensive, web-based engineering report complete with high-quality color images that show simulation results. The cost estimation tool, called Cost Cruncher, is the first such solution for estimating part cost integrated within a CAE application, according to the manufacturer. In addition, as a SolidWorks 98 Plus Gold Partner, 3D QuickFill 99.1 provides single-window integration and solid model associativity for SolidWorks users.

Other features include a specific resin database that offers nearly 5000 fully characterized resins (with Resin Builder, the database allows unlimited access to more than 20,000 commercially available polymer choices), drag/delete injection points that allow users to drag injection points to new locations or delete injection points individually, improved simulation accuracy, a simulation stop command that can stop or relaunch a simulation at user discretion, improved graphics that allow users to choose transparent model displays, and direct printing that allows users to send graphics directly to a printer instead of printing to a file first. The new 3D QuickFill is available as a node-locked license for $4900 per seat. A floating license for networks is available for $6900.

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