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Servo robots have fast takeout times for short mold cycles

The AZ-100HP three-axis high-performance top-entry servo robots reportedly feature fast takeout times. Molders with applications that have cycles of less than 4 seconds?and who are looking to achieve sub-.5-second takeout times?are said to be good candidates for this robot. The series comes standard with an AAC color graphical user interface that features simple touch-screen operation.

Automated Assemblies, Clinton, MA
(978) 368-8914;

Oil-free tiebarless IMMs

The E-Motion series of tiebarless, four-motor, servomolding machines is available in 60-, 110-, and 165-ton models with either 130- or 250-mm/sec injection. All E-Motions feature a horizontal C-frame toggle-clamp design, which includes a Flexlink feature for offsetting deformation under load. The high-resolution, absolute-position encoder was patterned after those found in machine tools.

The machine is available with a linear Engel robot for high-precision insert molding. Also available is the CC 200 touch-screen controller.

Engel, Guelph, ON
(519) 836-0220

Sprue picker features upgraded control for efficient setup

A new line of high-speed sprue pickers is designed for injection molding machines with clamping forces from 25 to 500 tons. Equipped with an upgraded control for fast and efficient programming, HOP III-M Series three-axis robots are available with main arm strokes of 450 to 1000 mm and can dry cycles in less than 3.5 seconds. New handheld controls offer expanded memory for mold setups, making changeovers quick and easy. The controllers reduce programming time by allowing users to select from dozens of preprogrammed motion patterns, gripping methods, pickup and release positions, and other mechanical functions.

All HOP III-M models include prelubricated, sealed linear bearings for reported long life, smooth operation, and minimal maintenance requirements. The units also include toolless kick-axis adjustment and adjustable main arm starting position, as well as safety features: proximity switches at the endpoint of every motion and a pneumatic arm lock-out device to prevent the arm from dropping into the mold area if air pressure is lost. The entire line has been discounted 15 percent. Five models are available at the reduced cost, with prices ranging from $4030 for the HOP III M450 to $5390 for the HOP III M1000.

Yushin America Inc., Cranston, RI
(401) 463-1800;

Multilayer blown Film Technology

Kirion multilayer blown film lines are arranged on a modular system that can be configured to produce up to seven layers. The three-layer system is arranged for production of standard films as well as technical films with a maximum layflat width of 2200 mm. The outer and inner layers are each fed by a 60-mm extruder, the middle layer by a 100-mm model. Hydraulic screenchangers are used exclusively so that product changes and maintenance are simplified.

Gravimetric feeding of the three-layer line allows feeding of three additional side components per extruder, even in minimum quantities. The gravimetric system can be extended, so dosing of a maximum of six components in addition to the main polymer is possible. The control system ensures recipe compliance and can be set up from the central operating screen.

The three-layer die with computerized spiral mandrels has a diameter of 500 mm. Even melt distribution and low residence time yields high output.

Kirion T hauloff enables different flattening lengths for various profile requirements. The coextrusion line has a module in which a minimum flattening angle of 8.5° (measured against the perpendicular) can be set. This results in advantages for difficult-to-produce technical films, which are susceptible to bagginess and other problems. Both the flattening angle and the central tubular film guide are directly controlled from the control console and hauloff. The collapsing frames are fitted with brushes, which absorb a minimum amount of heat and offer advantages for scratch-sensitive and sticky films. A turning bar system handles very sticky and optically sensitive films.

Kiefel Inc., Wrentham, MA
(508) 384-1200;