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Small footprint vertical press

Article-Small footprint vertical press

The Praxis series of two-platen vertical molding machines includes six models ranging from 60 to 380 tons. The first two machines are 280- and 380-ton models. The units are suited for insert molding, overmolding, and multicomponent molding in automotive and consumer markets. The two-platen clamp technology minimizes floor space requirements, yielding high productivity per square foot. Also, minimal oil requirements decrease environmental contamination.

The clamp?s spread frame design permits the use of large molds for a given tonnage. The large platen area also allows for efficient placement of mold utility connections. An eight-point guidance system ensures parallel platens and maintains platen and clamp durability.The locking process provides precise clamp positioning. Dual connecting rods, one connected to the cylinder body and one to the cylinder rod end, engage and disengage the caliper halves. Air pressure is employed to open the clamp smoothly.

The Praxis Series comes with a large rotary table that can be configured with two or three stations and can oscillate. The Praxis has an area away from the clamps for loading and unloading inserts into the mold.

The rotating-ram injection unit pivots away from the base for maintenance and barrel changes. The centerline of injection is adjustable, and centerline ranges are available for hot runner applications. Injection unit capacity for both the Praxis 280 and Praxis 380 systems ranges from 8.5 oz (15.6 cu in) to 40.3 oz (74.0 cu in). Praxis meets all U.S. and European safety requirements. It also meets all cleanroom application requirements.

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