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Software eases moldmakers' worries

Article-Software eases moldmakers' worries

Injection moldmaker DMC Mold & Tool Corp. (Cary, IL) invested in VISI-Series solid molding software in 1997 and recently augmented this with VISI-Flow software that helps users accurately design molds. Using VISI-Series, DMC Mold & Tool can create a full 3D model to show how a mold will be represented. Customers can analyze the model and decide whether or not the mold will perform to their expectations. “Prior to implementing VISI-Flow,” says Dustin Carlson, the moldmaker’s president and owner, “we relied on the customer’s knowledge as to where to locate gates and runners, as well as gate and runner sizing. The customer established runner size and location based on what they hoped would be correct. Their expectations were to minimize scrap and maximize quality part potential.” Using VISI-Flow, the moldmaker can show its customers real results prior to tooling, taking guesswork out of the process. “We can demonstrate if there are any benefits to their runner and gate locations or what the drawbacks are based on their input. The software provides a full recreation of what the end result will be,” says Carlson. The new software also depicts cycle time. Carlson says the firm’s experience with the VISI-series software kept its learning curve for the Flow software to about four weeks. Vero Intl. Software Ltd., Stroud, Gloucestershire, England; +44-1453-732900; ,a href="">

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