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Software improves feedrate, multiaxis programming

Article-Software improves feedrate, multiaxis programming

Mastercam?s Version 9.1 has new capabilities that improve machining operations. First, to help reduce machining time and extend tool and machine life, feedrates are optimized based on the volume of material being removed. The feedrate increases where there is less material and decreases where there is more material. The program keeps a more constant chip load on the cutter for faster job completion and more efficient tool use. Based on the part and the machine tool characteristics, the program adjusts the feedrate around corners and small radiuses. As the tool approaches a corner, the feedrate is gradually decreased. The feedrate increases as the tool leaves for a smoother entry and exit.

The software?s new multiaxis machining capabilities are designed to improve control and consistency and allow easier programming. Tool axis control allows users to define where the tool can and cannot go to adjust to demanding cutting situations. In addition, multiple passes can now be applied to all five-axis machining.

CNC Software Inc., Tolland CT
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