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Software that thinks it's a molding machine

SimTech 2003 is an interactive Windows-based program from Paulson Training Programs that simulates the entire molding process from hopper to finished part. Process changes that take hours or days to evaluate on the floor can be performed in seconds. Like a virtual-reality molding machine, SimTech 2003 has all of the standard operating controls found on a real press. They interact with one another to affect the material and the parts being molded like real machine controls do. Changes in the material, machine controls, or mold are analyzed, and the effects on part properties are determined.
SimTech 2003 performs more than 5 million complex calculations on each cycle behind the scenes to interactively analyze the effects of all the variables in the molding process on the molded part. The software also allows molders to run simulations using their own molds, machines, and resins. The user enters the clamp force and screw and barrel dimensions for any type of molding machine. Next, the cavity dimensions and gate locations are set, and the resin to be molded is specified. Finally, 24 molding machine controls are established, and the user can click the cycle command. The program calculates cavity pressures, melt temperatures, screw run time, and cavity fill time. Fill pressure and packing pressure loss, cycle time, and percent fill at velocity-pressure transfer are determined, as are cushion size, shot volume, part weight and dimensions, and average part temperature at ejection. Also, any possible cavity discharge, flash, or short shots will be computed, all in seconds. Users can graph mold pressures and temperatures throughout the cycle. They can change any variable in the mold, machine, material, or machine control and run the cycle once again to compare results. Or, they can run up to four cycles concurrently, varying a control for each cycle and instantly compare results. SimTech 2003 reportedly allows molders to develop more and better production floor molding experts. A training workbook is included that allows molders to change machine controls and solve problems for different materials, machines, and part designs. It reduces machine startup downtime and allows users to determine the best cycle-time reduction steps and solve part-defect problems without wasting costly machine hours. The software is priced at $5000.?Carl Kirkland
Paulson Training Programs Inc., Chester, CT
(860) 526 3099

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