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SPI members, come meet your Congressional representatives

September is the start of the next federal legislative session of the U.S. Congress, an ideal time to tell your senators and representatives what's on your mind. How? SPI, the Plastics Industry Trade Association, will arrange meetings for association members with those they elected on September 15.

Members of congress will have just returned from their summer recess, so if you want to tell them what you think and hear what they think about energy, tax credits, trade policy or any other issue, here's a great chance. You can find more information on the SPI website, or by contacting the association's Susan Douglas at 201-974-5224 or email [email protected].

We've previously reported that later in September the American Mold Builders Assn. is doing something similar in conjunction with its annual Fall Conference, which takes place September 28-30 in Washington, DC. In addition to a number of interesting conference speakers, the afternoon of September 29 and all of September 30 will be given over to pre-arranged meetings with elected officials and their staffs.

AMBA's registration deadline is August 13 and you can sign up easily online at or call its office at 847-222-9402 with any questions. In a time when many Americans disagree about so many political issues, there seems to be widespread agreement that those inside the Washington Beltway are out of touch with the rest of America. We hope that as many of us from the plastics industry as possible join in one of these opportunities and make your views known. There's no substitute for a good old-fashioned face-to-face. 

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